Our story

Thang Loi Tourism Development Investment Development Joint Stock Company成立于2014年7月,商业代码5701718567,在旅游领域经营,是提供国内和国际旅游服务的公司之一。 最好的国际。 公司每月运送数以千计的游客从世界各地到越南,再从越南到其他国家如:韩国、中国、台湾、新加坡、泰国、老挝、柬埔寨、欧洲、美国等。国内和国际旅游在 Thang Loi International Travel Company 始终致力于遵守客户要求的规定。 我们始终以最优惠的价格为客户提供最好的服务,我们公司始终有诱人的促销活动持续不断,客户将永远放心我们的客户服务。 我们 。 Thang Loi International Travel Company包括以下服务:
– Specialized in providing leading services in the field of tourism.
– Organize domestic and international package tours.
– Providing hotel services, domestic and international accommodation booking.
– Domestic and international air ticket agency.
– Boats to visit Ha Long Bay, bus routes.
– Organize conference programs, seminars package.
– Organize tours at the request of individual guests, households, groups, agencies and schools, etc….
– Services of making Passport, Visa Passport etc…..
– With a team of staff, staff, guides who are professionally trained, enthusiastic, dynamic, youthful and creative, will bring you interesting, fun and meaningful trips. meaning.`
– Coming to the company, customers will receive the best service, the most preferential treatment. Our company always puts the interests of our customers first. The trust of customers is the driving force for the company to always innovate and improve service quality to bring customers the most satisfaction. Come with us to experience and discover together.